Triple Quest, Rockford and Saugatuck High School Students Partner to Bring Safe Water to Dominican

Originally posted in Triple Quest on August 7, 2012

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., August 29, 2012 – Triple Quest, ( global distributor of the Hydraid® BioSand Water Filters, announced the accomplishments of 13 students from Rockford and Saugatuck High Schools, three chaperones and a teacher who all spent a week in Dominican Republic. They were there working on behalf of Good Samaritan Hospital in La Roman, Dominican Republic, implementing 17 Hydraid® BioSand Water Filters in Batey 41, one in a cluster of small rural villages that lack of access to safe water, helping with constructing an addition on Good Samaritan Hospital, distributing footwear donated by Chaco, a division of Wolverine Worldwide and visiting a local orphanage. The trip was part of a partnership between Triple Quest, the manufacturer of the Hydraid® filter, Safe Water Team, Rotary and its youth program, Interact.
“It was an amazing experience. The best part was installing the Hydraid® filters and seeing the difference between their lives in the batey and ours,” said Kenzie Mogridge, Rockford High School Interact Board Member/Thirsting to Serve Board Member. “When we visited the orphanage, we danced with the kids to YouTube videos, made bracelets, played basketball and the kids even painted our nails! It was a wonderful opportunity that I’ll always remember.”
From October through May of 2012, between 10 and 30 Interact members from Rockford met weekly to develop fundraising projects in support of Hydraid® BioSand Water Filters. Through a variety of activities, including a raffle, a bake sale, and selling t-shirts, buttons, and bracelets, the students raised more than $3,800 – enough to buy 100 Hydraid® filters. The group’s fundraising efforts reached across all 11 Rockford School District public schools. Eighty percent of the money collected went towards filters, with the remainder responsible for covering the student’s travel expenses. The Interact students also wrote a grant application and received matching funds from Rotary District 6360. Students were individually responsible for raising $1,000 to cover further travel expenses.
“It was humbling to see that their water supply was a community faucet outside, when we have the luxury to turn on our faucets at home whenever we want. Yet these kids were happy and smiling with what they have,” said Missy Biener, Rockford High School Interact Board Member/Thirsting to Serve Board Member. “We enjoyed playing ‘Duck Duck Goose’ with the children, which was more like ‘Slap You With A Weed’ and had a great experience getting to know the community.”
In addition to fundraising, the students developed a safe water presentation and activity where small groups put together a water-bottle-sized personal water filter based on the Hydriad® slow sand filtration technology. Overall, more than 200 students have learned the importance of clean, safe water and what a burden it can be for families in developing countries who do not have access to the abundant water enjoyed by families in the Great Lakes region. “As an educator, it was wonderful to be a part of these kids’ lives for a week, and to witness their growth while they worked hard all day without one complaint,” said Kelly Gardner, Rockford Spanish teacher, Rotarian and Interact Coordinator. “We were proud of the way the kids represented the Rockford community and the trip, accommodations and service activities were well organized. I’m looking forward to taking another group next summer.”

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Hydraid® BioSand Water Filter
The Hydraid® filter is a simple, lightweight unit with no moving parts. Users can reduce biological contaminants by pouring surface or ground water through the filter to obtain water that is safe for drinking, food preparation, personal hygiene and sanitation. Powered by gravity and with no parts to replace, the Hydraid® BioSand Water Filter is extremely durable and lasts beyond 10 years, making it the most sustainable filter available today. More than 55,000 Hydraid® filters have been distributed in over 35 developing countries worldwide.

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Triple Quest is a collaborative venture involving Cascade Engineering and The Windquest Group, a West Michigan-based private investment fund. Triple Quest is a sustainable enterprise that provides essential needs products to at-risk families in developing countries by bringing together the resources and objectives of non-governmental organizations, corporations and other partners. Triple Quest’s partners include nonprofit groups Safe Water Team, Thirsting to Serve, Global Sustainable Partnerships, Rotary, and Pure Water for the World; socially responsible companies such as Amway, Dow, Bobble and Lighthouse Foods; and the U.S. Navy’s Project Handclasp logistics support initiative.

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