Train Your Brain to Make Healthier Choices

Originally posted in WOODTV8 on March 26, 2015

The brain is the body’s mission control center and it requires certain care to keep it running at its best throughout our lives. Dr. Tim Royer of Neurocore knows how to fuel the brain for more optimized functioning.

Craving a sugar high?

Your body craves what it needs, but sometimes is sends messages that compels the brain to crave carbs. When the brain is running too fast, it tells the body to release adrenaline or cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that taxes adrenal glands and prompts cells to demand more sugar. This is why, when stressed, people crave simple sugars and caffeine with greater intensity. An overproduction of cortisol can lead to weight gain around the waist, as well as diabetes.

Correct cravings

A balanced brain will “crave” the right foods. Energy for the brain comes from glucose. You can get glucose by eating complex carbohydrates or other foods that can be converted into glucose for fueling the brain.

Brain-healthy nutrients include:

Omega 3 fatty acids – found in fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, albacore tuna, halibut and sardines. Also found in kidney and pinto beans
B vitamins, which are good for the nervous system – found in whole grains
D vitamins – found in dairy: milk, yogurt and low-fat cheese
Some brain “super foods,” according to recent research, include:
Blueberries – linked to lower rates of memory loss and cognitive decline
Spinach – which supplies magnesium; magnesium deficiency has been associated with ADHD, confusion and lack of focus
The best diet

A Mediterranean diet outshines the rest. The diet is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins B and D. It’s characterized by eating:

Plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts
Healthy fats, like olive oil, instead of margarine or butter
Herbs and spices, instead of salt to flavor food
Fish and poultry
Red meat no more than a few times per month
Research shows sticking to a Mediterranean diet is associated with reduced rate of stroke; cognitive impairment, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease; and depression.

The worst diet

The problems with a Western diet consist of an abundance of what we think we need. At the heart of a Western diet is too much simple sugar. There are high stress levels in Western culture as well as a dramatic increase in soda and fruit juice consumption over the past 30 years. Other areas of concern include:

White flour
Highly processed foods and salt
Not enough fruits, vegetables or seafood
An emphasis on red meat – according to MarketWatch, bacon sales in the U.S. have increased in each of the past four years. In 2013 alone, sales climbed 9.5% to an all-time high of nearly $4 billion.
How Neurocore can help

Through hormone testing, Neurocore can determine your cortisol production levels. Neurofeedback can help slow the brain down, allowing the brain to access its fight-or-flight mode only when it truly needs to. Neurofeedback also improves stress management. Neurocore can help your brain learn to make good choices.

Neurocore is offering a special for eightWest viewers. Get a regularly-priced $250 diagnostic assessment for only $150 when you call 1-800-600-4096 today. Neurocore has locations in Grandville, Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, Okemos, Livonia, Sterling Heights, and Bloomfield Hills.