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Neurofeedback Therapy Is Working Wonders at Neurocore

Jackson Pojeski was leading a busy existence..., and it was causing negative behavior that occurred on a frequent basis. Jackson’s mother Tiffany said that her eight-year-old son was unable to focus when he was at school and that he had trouble sleeping at night. He also had frequent fits of screaming and crying. Even a simple task like putting his socks in the hamper would send him into a frustrated temper tantrum.

Tiffany stated that Jackson’s pediatrician never suggested that he might have ADHD, so he wasn’t being treated with medication for his issues. Instead, his mother got into the habit of giving him melatonin at bedtime so that his brain could slow down and relax, but the problem always remained. Tiffany only noticed a lasting difference in her son after he attended 40 sessions with Neurocore.

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