IQ Improvements With Neurofeedback

Spending time outdoors in green spaces and reading are well known to further creativity and learning. Neurofeedback is gaining popularity for furthering cognitive learning and improving IQ scores. Dr. Tim Royer, with Neurocore, says it is recognized by the medical community as a natural, alternative treatment for ADHD, anxiety and sleep concerns, neurofeedback also provides the benefit of raising IQ scores by an average of 12 points.

How Neurofeedback Works:
EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback uses advanced computer technology to reveal your neurological activity on-screen for you to understand and change for the better.
By watching a DVD of your choice, you can relax and experience neurofeedback as a natural means of reconditioning your brain activity for improvements with ADHD, anxiety and sleep.

IQ Improvements With Neurofeedback:
In a 1998 medical study by Thompson and Thompson cited in the journal Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, 98 children and 13 adults received 40 neurofeedback sessions for ADHD-like symptoms and had significant improvements with attention and reducing impulsivity.
Additionally, they experienced an average gain of 12 points on IQ testing.

Neurofeedback Sessions Locally:
Neurocore offers EEG-based diagnostic testing and brain training at nine locations throughout Michigan.
Clients begin with an initial assessment and the custom program takes about 12 weeks to complete.
Summertime is a busy season for Neurocore, with clients finishing a program during summer break to prepare for the next school year or simply make the time to invest in themselves.

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