Grand Rapids Firm Pitches ‘World’s Toughest Coffee Maker’ on ‘Daily Planet’ TV Show

Originally posted in MLive on January 28, 2015

Jim Doan, founder and CEO of Oxx Products, claims to have built “The World’s Toughest Coffee Maker” when he developed the CoffeeBoxx.

So how does he prove it? Doan invited “Daily Planet,” a show on Discovery Canada’s cable channel, to lower a 4,200-pound Jeep on his portable K-cup coffee brewers.

Doan , who is beginning to roll out his product out into the retail market, was being filmed this week by Cinnerific, a Grand Rapids video production firm, for an upcoming episode of the show.

The $299 CoffeeBoxx is made of a sturdy plastic designed to brew gourmet coffee at construction sites, in the wilderness or anywhere else where traditional k-cup coffee makers would not survive.

Doan hopes his truck-on-the-CoffeeBoxx demonstration will become as powerful as the Krazy Glue commercial in which a construction worker was suspended from a hardhat glued to an I-beam. “That was the moment of proof,” he said.

“Coffee is such a big part of workplace culture,” said Doan, who raised more than $60,000 through a Kickstarter campaign last year to develop and build the CoffeeBoxx.

“Oxx has designed the Coffeeboxx with the construction worker in mind. We know that if it works for him it will work for the camper, hunter, boater, tailgater, RVer and other outdoor enthusiasts,” Doan said.

“The Coffeeboxx is engineered with a crush proof body and impact resistant materials, and is the first coffee brewer certified to be dust and waterproof,” according to the company’s press release. “The Coffeeboxx has been field tested in extreme conditions and passed all areas of durability and resistance.”

Oxx Design Engineer Nick Hayhoe said the plastic injection-molded box was designed with internal structures to carry the load while the brewing mechanism rides in an internal chassis. The CoffeeBoxx is built in China and will be marketed from their offices at 120 Ionia Avenue SW.

Compatible with all K-cup- style pods, the CoffeeBoxx has a spill-proof 2.5 liter water tank, the largest in the industry, according to its sales literature. Weighing 11 pounds, the Coffeeboxx features a rubberized carrying handle and a retractable cord.

For the ultra-remote location, the company’s web site also sells an inverter that allows the coffee maker to operate from the 12-volt electrical system found on cars and trucks.