ElectraTherm Renames Its Waste-Heat-To-Power Generator

Originally posted in Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide on April 8, 2015

ElectraTherm’s Product Name Change

ElectraTherm, has changed the name of its product line from the Green Machine to the Power+ Generator. The company said the new name was developed to better describe the product and its primary function.

ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generator produces fuel-free, emission-free power from waste heat utilizing Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and proprietary technology. The company decided on the name Power+ Generator because ElectraTherm’s heat-to-power systems do more than generate clean power: they can reduce onsite power costs, replace radiators on stationary engines, lower cooling costs, provide additional heating, and more.

“The new name captures the broad range of functionality and benefits provided by our systems,” said John Fox, CEO of ElectraTherm.

The units will still utilize the same model numbers: the 4200 (up to 35 kW), the 4400 (up to 65 kW) and the 6500 (up to 110 kW). They generate fuel-free, emission-free power from waste heat up to 240°F (116°C). Hot water enters the machine where it heats a working fluid into pressurized vapor. As the vapor expands, it drives patented twin screw power block, which spins an electric generator and produces up to 110 kWe.

The company said its products use waste heat in applications such as internal combustion engines, biomass, geothermal/co-produced fluids and solar thermal. ElectraTherm’s fleet of 50 global installations has accrued more than 330,000 hours of runtime to date.